Conversation – Cities and Climate Justice

A moment of discussion and exchange on urban climate justice, between citizens, community organizations and members of the scientific community. Open to all.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2021 FROM 5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM
An online event organized by CAPED

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The issue of climate justice is often thought of from the point of view of states, or even internationally. Yet the city we live in has a front row seat, and is marked by social and spatial inequalities that further exacerbate the effects of climate in certain living environments – for example: the issue of heat islands, uneven greening of neighborhoods, differential access to services and support resources, opportunities to participate and influence public decisions. Climate and state climate action overlap and sometimes intertwine with processes of racialization, colonialism and environmental injustices. How can we act urgently on climate change by putting at the heart of actions a disruption of these unequal processes and increased support for those most affected?

A talk moderated by Sophie L. Van Neste

  • Valérie Bloch and Wassyla Hadjabi, from the citizen group for the protection of Jarry Park
  • Elza Kephart, environmental activist, founder of the Ministry of the New Normal (
  • Albert Lalonde, activist with the Coalition for a Social and Environmental Change (CEVES)
  • Tasnim Rekik, community organizer and decolonial feminist activist