New book: Transitions socioécologiques et milieux de vie

Publication of the book, Transitions socioécologiques et milieux de vie. Entre expérimentation, politisation et institutionnalisation, edited by Sophie L. Van Neste, Patrice Melé and Corinne Larrue.

In the face of the climate crisis, the social-ecological transition is unfolding in the form of citizen initiatives that seek to transform living environments and are organized around practices in various fields of action, notably in zero waste, greening, modes of living or energy production. The politicization of these actions is varied and non-linear: some advocate a profound transformation of the world, while others claim a place for citizen experimentation that avoids conflict. This book, which explores the links between public and collective actions, as well as the effects of citizen action on existing policies, will be of interest to researchers and activists, as well as to those involved in accompanying transitions and planners. It focuses on everyday environmentalism, where citizens are prefiguring other ways of living, as well as on the sustainability of these experiments.

Download the book (in French)