Chair holder

Sophie L. Van neste

Professor Sophie L. Van Neste studies political action and citizen engagement on environmental issues in urban and suburban settings, as well as transformations in urban governance and infrastructure networks to address climate change.


The coordination team ensures the effective functioning of the Canada Research Chair in Urban Climate Action. It coordinates internal and external communications, collaborates on the organization of events, ensures connections with collaborating members and students, and participates in the implementation of the Chair’s research frameworks.

The Chair has about ten active and graduate student members who are under the supervision of Sophie Van Neste at the Centre Urbanisation Culture et Société of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique. These members contribute to publications, events and the advancement of the Chair’s activities.

Chair’s members


Many of the Chair’s collaborators come from the academic community. Research groups, researchers and academic networks collaborate on publications, events and the advancement of the Chair’s activities.

Proud to be rooted in practice, the Chair counts among its collaborators involved in the field in various community and social organizations. They contribute to the events and the advancement of the Chair’s activities.


Former members and graduated students

As the years go by and research projects are completed, the Chair stays in touch with graduate students who have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in urban climate action. We acknowledge the important work and valuable contributions of our former members.