Proposals for the redevelopment of Lachine East

The Climate Lab submits a report to the OCPM

As part of the OCPM for the Lachine-Est eco-neighborhood’s PPU, the Labo Climat team submitted the brief “Planning with Climate in Mind:
Issues in the Redevelopment of Lachine-Est”, which is based on the results of their research.

You can find the document on the OCPM website here.

You can also find the research report and summary sheets on the Labo Climat website.

” In 2019, 2020 and 2021, researchers, professors, students and interns of the Montreal Climate Lab have been involved in the planning and governance of the Lachine-Est sector. The Lachine-Est sector is a laboratory in many ways. For several years, it has been the site of mobilizations and citizen engagement, in addition to urban planning and community consultation efforts aimed at imagining a future for this industrial wasteland, a future that is ecologically, socially and in terms of heritage memory. […]

This report is mainly based on the action-research mandate of Labo Climat Montréal, which focused on adaptation to climate change. Obviously, the challenges of reducing greenhouse gases are also very important; globally, the acceleration and improvement of measures to be implemented are crucial to reduce global warming and its impacts. Furthermore, the recent IPCC report suggests that cities have a structuring role to play in reducing GHGs by 2030, notably through development, service and infrastructure choices. In addition to discussing climate change adaptation, we mention elements related to this component of urban climate action, particularly in the last section where we will discuss carbon neutrality and sustainable mobility.”

Writing of the report by Alice Bonneau, Anne-Marie D’amours, Hélène Madénian, Étienne Poulin, Michel Rochefort and Sophie L. Van Neste