New toolbox for urban community greenhouses

Launch of a guide for practitioners and decision-makers

Members of the Canada Research Chair in Urban Climate Action have collaborated on the writing and design of this brand new toolbox on urban community greenhouses, intended to help practitioners and decision-makers set up such infrastructures. Find out more on the Communauserre website.

“This toolbox explores the political and technical issues to be considered when planning an urban community greenhouse.

You’ll find highlights, fact sheets on the energy efficiency of greenhouse envelopes, the potential of geothermal energy, rainwater and leachate management and a GHG calculator. You’ll also find case studies of the Jardins Gamelin, Bâtiment 7, Santropol Roulant, Jardins des Patriotes and Emily-de-Witt community greenhouses, followed by an exploration of the issues of green gentrification, financing, partnerships and inclusion with regard to the multiple missions that greenhouses can fulfill.

Consult the detailed bibliography, report methodology and GHG calculator on this website.

Please note that the toolkit will be translated into English by the end of summer 2023.”