Ouranos Symposium

Sophie L. Van Neste participates in the panel on inequality and adaptation

On December 1 and 2 of 2022, Ouranos held a symposium to share the state of knowledge in the field of climate change, from climate science to measuring the effectiveness of adaptation measures to promote their application at the national and regional levels. In total, the event brought together more than 400 scientists, civil servants, representatives of the private sector and NGOs, elected officials and decision-makers.

Among them, Sophie L. Van Neste took part in the panel “Towards adaptation without inequality”.

“Climate issues are of course intertwined with other issues that affect society. This complex environment must give rise to community resilience, which inevitably requires adaptation solutions that we want to be as fair as possible. The living laboratory approach seems to be well suited to deal with wicked problems such as adaptation to climate change, which involves several stakeholders from different backgrounds. This session will be a preparatory phase for a living lab approach on adaptation solutions and potential inequalities. As curious spectators, we will attend a working session between the lab’s ideator and panelists, who will in turn challenge each other with their ideas in order to improve the project under development, but also to evolve our thoughts on fair climate change adaptation.”

The Labo Climat also shared the results of its research, presented in a poster available here in high definition, which was created by Hélène Madénian and Alexis Guillemard.