Labo Climat Montréal Team

The Labo Climat Montréal is a living laboratory aimed at questioning and improving, with professionals and stakeholders in the area, adaptation to climate change.

The team of researchers is made of professor-researchers and trainees from 4 universities, accompanied by the Villes Régions Mondes network (VRM). The team has multidisciplinary expertise on collaborative processes and on urban sustainability, urban governance, and infrastructure adapted to climate change.

For the research on the Lachine-Est project, researchers work closely with professionals from the City of Montreal and the Lachine borough.

The Labo Climat Montréal – Lachine-Est project – is headed by Nancy Giguère from the Office for Ecological Transition of the City of Montreal and Nathalie Bleau from Ouranos.

Researchers of the Labo Climat Montréal

  • Sophie L. Van Neste
  • Geneviève Cloutier
  • Danielle Dagenais
  • Sophie Duchesne
  • Dominic Lapointe
  • Sylvain Paquette
  • Michel Rochefort
  • Josée Provençal