The 8th VRM Meeting – Adapting the city to climate change: experimentation and learning

In addition to providing a space for discussion, this event, co-organized by the Chair in Urban Climate Action, aims to better understand what is learned in these experimental approaches, as well as the conditions and intended impacts of these learnings.

Community action and climate change adaptation report now available

“The objective of this document is to present the results of a research project conducted by Labo Climat Montréal in partnership with Concert’Action Lachine. The project aims to promote the participation of community organizations in the resilience to extreme heat…
Sophie L. Van Neste

Sophie Van Neste to lead Canada Research Chair in Urban Climate Action

Sophie Van Neste, professor of urban studies at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Center of INRS, has been awarded a Tier 2 Chair from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for her research on environment and climate. She will receive $600,000 in funding for…